Clarification About the Single-Party System in Indokistan Parliament

11/06/2011 22:41

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

I'm as the Prime Minister of Indokistan here, want to clarify about Indokistan parliamentary system thatturned into a Single-Party system. some criticism seen after the system was inaugurated, please see from Los Bay Petros. The single party system was loaded with fascism and communism. "Less Democratic" President Adriansyah said and "the beginning of the dictatorship" of the blog that I mentioned earlier. I was also surprised when asked to President Farhan on countries using this system, he replied "North Korea, the Soviet ..".

Indokistan are using single-party system cause by: 3-Party there, the National Party, the Communist Party, and the Islamic Party. Communist Party and the National party are Coalition, and the opposition are Islamic Party, and Islamic parties often get discrimination from the Coalition. Islamic Party also a small party, consisting of 2 persons. different with 2 other Party, which many of its members. In addition, the Islamic Party had in fact been closed due to lack of members, but continues to be canceled. Because the National Party and the Communist Party has been regarded as one cause by the Coalition, the Islamic Party finally persuaded to make the New Party. Singla Party in Indokistan is Each Party to give foundation to create a new party, and shut down his old party.

People's Unity Party is the Party's ruling Parliament now. Freedom of Opinion is still appreciated, and ideology will not change to communism and the freak one. Hopefully, this clarification can straighten that in Indokistan Single Party is not a single party that such as in countries like the Soviet and North Korean Communists.

Thank You

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb